Acoustic Hangers for Ceilings / SE-A4 Series

The SE-A4 acoustic hanger series has a special hinge system which is useful for overcoming difficult mounting positions. It improves the performance of the thermoplastic body by preventing it from functioning under shear stress.

The SE-A4 acoustic hangers design improves frequency (Hz) performance by using two opposing thermoplastic bodies fitted to two rod exit points, one towards the structural slab, and the other towards the suspended part.

Megal thermoplastic elastomer bodies incorporate an exclusive design enabling a more secure fit of the cap, thus enhancing the acoustic hanger's performance in reducing vibration.

Part Number Model Packing Colour Metric Size Security Device Min / Max kg Datasheet
SE-A4-60-V-C2 A4 50 Units / Box Green M-6 - 12 - 30 Download
SE-A4-70-A-C2 A4 50 Units / Box Blue M-6 - 30 - 50 Download


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