Anti Vibration Machine Mount / SE-BIE Series


      8mm - 16mm Thread.
      Optimal Load Ranges 50 to 400 kgs.
      Colour Coded Parts to Differentiate Between Optimal Load Ranges.
      Excellent Dynamic Performance.
      All Parts Supplied With Nuts & Washers.
      80 x 80 mm Base.

Our small industrial machine mounts can be used in a wide variety of applications to protect machinery from vibrations and impact in the medium-high frequency range (above 1000 rpm).

Part Number Colour KG. Min ~ Max Diameter Datasheet
SE-BIE-15012 Green 50-150 M12 Download
SE-BIE-15014 Green 50-150 M14 Download
SE-BIE-15016 Green 50-150 M16 Download
SE-BIE-150xx Green 50-150 MM8 - M16 Download
SE-BIE-28010 Blue 151-280 M10 Download
SE-BIE-28012 Blue 151-280 M12 Download
SE-BIE-28014 Blue 151-280 M14 Download
SE-BIE-28016 Blue 151-280 M16 Download
SE-BIE-280xx Blue 151-280 MM8 - M16 Download
SE-BIE-40010 Red 281-400 M10 Download
SE-BIE-40012 Red 281-400 M12 Download
SE-BIE-40014 Red 281-400 M14 Download
SE-BIE-40016 Red 281-400 M16 Download
SE-BIE-400xx Red 281-400 MM8 - M16 Download

Screws and washers: Stainless steel
Plating: Zamak-5 (zinc alloy with aluminium, magnesium and copper) and EPDM foam
Body: Megol thermoplastic elastomer


All specifications shown herein are typical values and are not guaranteed.  It is recommended to test in application for suitability.


Cert: 4823 ISO 9001

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