SE-4360-60 Series Acoustic Hanger for Acoustic Ceilings / SE-4360-60 Series

Latest generation acoustic hangers designed especially for suspending false acoustic ceilings. Our SE-4360/60 acoustic hangers are designed to eradicate transmission of vibrations caused by shocks, impacts or vibro-mechanical energy coming from equipment that generates acoustic pollution. Designed for 60mm profile rail fittings.



SE-6025 Series Acoustic Hangers for Acoustic Ceilings / SE-6025 Series

The SE-6025 acoustic hangers have a unique helical structure that combines the function of a spring and anti-vibration properties of a thermoplastic elastomer. The steel spring helps eradicate low frequency vibration whereas the Megol elastomer provides superb dampening performance. The SE-6025 series is designed for fixations with diameter of 60mm and is designed to operate at frequencies from 6hz.



SE-HORQ-60 DS Acoustic Mounting Clip / SE-HORQ-60 DS

The SE-HORQ-60 DS acoustic mounting clip achieves a thermal break and facilitates levelling thanks to its rotating bush: a polypropylene coated steel nut (fire resistance M-0). The bush channels the threaded rod and enables the framing system to be levelled.



SE-A4-60 Series Rubber Isolators - Angled Ceilings / SE-A4-60 Series


THE ONLY ISOLATOR IN THE WORLD FOR PITCHED CEILINGS. It is unique in that it can be levelled and can be used to angle the profile, in such a way that the rod functions perpendicular to the profile, facilitating the installation of the ceiling.




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