Levelling Clip 47 Series Levelling Clips with Thermal Break / Levelling Clip 47 Series


The mod. H levelling clip achieves a thermal break and facilitates levelling thanks to its rotating bush: a polypropylene coated steel nut (fire resistance M-0). The bush channels the threaded rod and enables the framing system to be levelled (when necessary) with a simple turn.




SE-4360-47 Series Rubber Isolators / SE-4360-47 Series


Ready for use with all 45 and 47 mm framings currently on the market. It has a unique means of facilitating levelling, thanks to its aperture, by means of which the isolator can slided up the threaded rod towards the structure leaving, thus, the levelling cup free.




SE-A4-47 Series Rubber Isolators - Angled Ceilings / SE-A4-47 Series


THE ONLY ISOLATOR OF IT’S KIND: it has an extremely simply levelling system and, specially, it can be used to give the framings the desired angle.




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